Saturday, March 24, 2007


I'm over here.

Blogger has served me well these last couple of years. It has helped me get a good start in the world of knitblogs and let me get to know all of you so well! But, I've decided now's the time to take the next step in blogging and make official! I hope you decide to join me over there as I'm looking forward to this next step in my blogging journey. I'm hoping to keep things a little more organized and my posts a little more frequent. And of course, there will be a blog-opening contest! So come on over, join me in the fun, and don't forget to change to the new feed. I'd hate to lose any of you in the move.

I'll continue to maintain this blog for the time being. I still haven't quite gotten everything switched over, and I think I can still have some use for this one as well. Thanks for everything. See you at the new site!

I'm re-posting this...for some reason Bloglines didn't seem to pick up the post.