Sunday, January 08, 2006

Diaper Cover Experiment

Originally uploaded by knittymama.
So this is the diaper cover I was mentioning the other day. I still haven't sewn in all the ends as I'm debating whether or not to just save it as in or rip it out and re-do it with more room in the butt. I also haven't decided on how to close it up yet. I'm thinking snaps, but I still need to find the right kind.

For those of you wondering, "diaper cover?" I do cloth diapering with Little Man, and absolutely love it. Cloth diapering is much easier these days than it was with our moms, and wool diaper covers (or soakers) are one of my later discoveries. I rarely have a problem with leaks, and they don't get smelly, plus you have to admit, they are much cooler than a pair of boring and expensive disposables!

I frequently use the diaper cover patterns (sorry, I'm still figuring out how to make a link) but thought it would be fun to try my own.

The yarn is from nd is very soft. It's just their regular handpainted wool.